Friday, January 13, 2012

the 2011 collection

Here are all the paintings I made in 2011. This is the first round of paintings made in my new studio in RiNo.  Check them out and let me know which are your favorites.

Looking forward in 2012, I will have a new website coming out this spring by my studio neighbor's Cirro.

All paintings are acrylic, enamel, marker and charcoal on raw canvas.

Sherbet Meltdown. 60" x 60"

Drifting Alongside Chaos. 60" x 60"

Against the Eclipse. 36" x 36"

Lunar Droplets. 36" x 36"

The Escape. 36" x 36"

It Never Ends. 60" x 72"

Tomorrow's Playground. 60" x 72"

Falling Fast. 48" x 54"

Forever Colliding. 96" x 120"