Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chain Letter Opening

main gallery
Last night I was part of the fantastically wild show that is, Chain Letter. Chain Letter is a group show at Shoshana Wayne gallery in Santa Monica, California. It is curated by Doug Harvey and Christian Cummings. The show is based on admiration. Each artist invited then invites ten other artists whom they admire, and so on.  This email invite circulated for thirty days, at the end of which each artist installed their own work on the floor at Shoshana Wayne Gallery. 

The result was about 1,600 artists exhibiting in Shoshana Wayne as well as two adjacent buildings, two food trucks, and about 10 kegs of beer. There were biscuits on carts, buses of artists and their friends being brought to the exhibit, and about 5,000 in and out of lines ranging hundreds of people waiting to get into the different gallery spaces. It was an art spectacle! An art show meets street party meets art-scape. Creativity Galore!

My painting, "It never ends, 2011" in the main gallery of Shoshana Wayne. The right wall upon entrance of the gallery.

Here is a 360 degree video of my painting in the the gallery space. The painting, "It never ends," was in installed on the floor on top of my drop cloth from the studio, which looks like a paint bomb of paintings past. The piece is inspired from the idea that each painting informs the next, and that the creative process, much like the nature of the universe, never ends. It just changes forms.

Thanks Shoshana Wayne gallery and Doug Harvey for coordinating such a unique art event.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"you carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into joy."
mix them, mix them!!


a quote on my chai tea jar, that i am about to mix paint in in the studio.

Monday, July 18, 2011

my new sketchbook

i start this blog in an effort to process the ever-floating ideas and inspirations in my head. i intend for this blog to be an online sketchbook. an informal collage of what inspires my art, perceptions of life, and aesthetics. this is an experiment in a new way of drawing, or sampling. a forum for bringing together what i find in art, culture, design and nature and how that informs and influences my creative process.